Monday, October 12, 2009

Get De-Motivated.

I think the world has enough motivational speakers. That's not to say that we as a whole are not in desperate need of motivating, it's just that I think it's time that we subscribe to a new philosophy of getting people to do things. And to accomplish this, a new breed of speaker must be born.

That breed? The De-motivational speaker. No, really. I think we have come to the point where all of the positive talk is doing more harm than good. It's putting our self expectation at an all time high and our self judgement, and loathing, are following suite.

I'll be honest, I think we need more iconic figures telling us things like, "look, you probably don't have it in you anyway, so why try huh?" or, "Why bother trying to change anything about yourself? You're going to end up crying, eating or drinking more than you should again, and telling yourself 'see? I knew you wouldn't stick with it'".

I personally find it more motivating when someone says I "can't", or heaven forbid, I "shouldn't" do something. Nothing gets me more fired up and ready for action than someone's attempt to de-motivate me. It's that "I'll prove you wrong, you'll see" side of people that I think needs to be punched square in the face.

So for anyone out there that may feel the same way as I do and thinks they can do something to help. There's probably someone else that would be better at it, so don't even try, we'll all just end up laughing at you. You silly douche.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When I Lost My Faith In Airport Security...

If you think airport security is going to stop ANYone one with inimical intentions from getting onto the plane with you. I believe you are mistaken.

Case and point...

This year I have flown more than I previously have in my entire life, and as a result, as anyone would, I have developed a bit of a traveling routine. Like most laptop toting travelers these days, I have a bag that I haul onto each flight with me containing a few staple items. Now, I am well aware of the long list of highly prohibited items and substances and, for the most part, except for the occasional slip up with a water bottle, I comply to a tee. Or so I thought...

One item that I always cary with me in my laptop bag is a cutter that I have used countless times for many miscellaneous uses.

I have had this item in my bag for a couple of years now, until this last week, after flying to Montana, I realized I had been taking it with me onto each and every one of my flights. My best guess puts it at at least 6. I even had my entire bag checked once after forgetting that I had a small bag of change that the X-ray machine couldn't see through. And you guessed it, they missed it.

So how secure is airport security really?

Bottom line. Getting thousands and thousands of people to unquestioningly jump through whatever hoops can be thought up in order to "ensure our safety" from all the "terrorists", that are apparently trying to blow up every plane out there. Must be leaving those in charge rolling around in stitches, thinking, "look what we can make them do".

It's a joke.

And it's on us...

Monday, November 12, 2007

We all have to have a first...

So Here's mine.

I know, I know. A million other people are posting blogs and all of us want to believe that there are people out there who just can't wait to see what we will write next. Well as this may be true for some, (or most) I really am just out here writing for the sake of writing. You see it has, for a long time now, been a desire of mine to write. But I have this problem where I think everything I write sounds trite, Unintelligent, or just plain boring. So I never do it. I don't allow my self to just get it out there and try my best to look at it subjectively so i can learn, and thus, No possibility for improvement... This is my first real attempt. Maybe it will be of interest to some. Maybe none. Either way I'll chalk it up to therapy, as sad as that may sound.

So there it is. My reason for being here..

Here is a very contemplative picture of me in case you're interested.